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Senior Life Insurance


Life Insurance for Seniors is very important. Seniors are at an age where estate planning is a must. Life Insurance is the first step to Estate Planning. It has so many benefits that are fit for senior citizens. Senior life Insurance is used to pay off the estate taxes a person owes even after death. This is very beneficial in that it bypasses having a person’s estate go into probate. Life Insurance pays off outstanding debts left behind to the estates beneficiaries including mortgages, medical expenses, etc.

Life Insurance for Seniors can still be very affordable depending on the face amount desired. Traditionally the age limit most Life insurance companies will allow a senior citizen to purchase is 80. However, 81 and older is still considered on a case-by-case basis. Generally the life expectancy for a male is around 78-81. It is for this reason that seniors above the age of 80 are taken into special consideration. There is a test in addition to the required medical exam that is given to seniors age 71 and older. This is called the Gate test. It measures a persons cognitive and memory skills. This feedback is looked at very heavily by Insurance companies when considering Life Insurance for Seniors.

More often than not senior citizens are taking prescription medication for things like elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, and sometimes enlarged prostate or thyroid. It is very important to provide this information when obtaining a Life Insurance quote. We recommend that you call and speak to one of our experienced Life Insurance agents. Our services are free to you and we would like to help customize a personalized quote for you.

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Life Insurance for Seniors

Common Questions

  • Q1: What type of Life Insurance am I eligible for?
    A: When considering Life Insurance for Seniors the better option is to purchase a Whole or Universal Life Insurance policy. This way you take what if factor out of the equation and you can rest assured knowing you always have a life insurance policy at a fixed rate.
  • Q2: What if I am diagnosis with a terminal illness am I able to take out a portion of the death benefit?
    A: Yes, in fact in that situation with most Life Insurance for Seniors you are able to take out up to 25% of your face amount.
  • Q3: What if I had a terminal condition such as cancer in the past but have since recovered, am I eligible for Life Insurance?
    A: Yes, the length of time since the recovery will determine which Life Insurance options are available.